As a VIDAWASINO entrepreneur, you choose how to support!

Our goal is to make our beautiful VIDAWASI Pediatric Health Center work and continue to grow with the services and goodness of our beautiful VIDAWASI Pediatric Health Center.

Monetary Donation

Monetary Donation Make a monthly donation within your reach and be part of our history. 1 / 3

Donation of goods

Donation of goods Contribute with goods that allow us to continue with the construction and/or operation of our services. 2 / 3

Solidarity product

Solidarity product Together with your customers become a hero for thousands of children, allocate a small percentage of the sale of a product and generate a sale with purpose, join us filling example and inspiration to your customers. 3 / 3

What benefits do you receive as a VIDAWASINO entrepreneur?

  • Belonging to the community of VIDAWASINOS entrepreneurs who leave an indelible mark on pediatric health care in our country.
  • Be a social reference of the work of love and national pride in favor of the children of Peru.
  • Donation certificate that can be used to obtain a discount of up to 10% of your net income.
  • Newsletter, where you can find out and be part of the best news of VIDAWASI.
  • Placement of your brand within the VIDAWASI City facilities as an example of inspiration and gratitude to society.
  • Exposure of your brand in our digital platforms as "VIDAWASINO Entrepreneur", we will publicize the select group of entrepreneurs who made possible and managed to perpetuate the purpose of VIDAWASI City.
  • Invitation to our VIDAWASINAS activities.
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What benefits do you receive as a VIDAWASINO entrepreneur?

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