Why build a pediatric health and childhood cancer citadel?

+ 3 mill

Children need specialized pediatric care in the different provinces of Peru.


of families in the provinces cannot access specialized medical care.

+60 mil

Children are born with congenital malformations per year.

Almost 2,000

Children are detected with cancer annually, and 50% die due to late diagnosis.

Health decentralization

Health decentralization Deconcentrate specialized services in childhood and pediatric cancer, which are currently concentrated in the city of Lima, capital of Peru. 1 / 3

We will bring life to thousands of children

We will bring life to thousands of children We will reduce the rate of infant mortality and late diagnosis in catastrophic diseases with high quality care and service. 2 / 3

We will support families

We will support families We will welcome lower-income families, who will accompany their children during their treatment thanks to all our purpose-built comprehensive support services within Ciudad VIDAWASI. 3 / 3

How can I start helping?


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